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Helping you connect and compete in today’s fast-moving world is our passion. That’s why we show you not just what’s now, but what’s next.

Our gamified, visual approach captures the attention of today’s distracted (and distant) learner. We give your leaders, researchers, marketers and communicators the high-impact keynote talks, master classes and tested, virtual training programs they need to adopt the latest approaches. Our programs cover how to:

  • capture attention and do business in a distracted world
  • deliver powerful presentations that drive action
  • save time and get faster responses with SOS (short, organized and skimmable) approaches

We meet your teams where they are. Mobile, gamified training can be taken on the go. Master classes and online programs drive measurable results. Keynotes excite and motivate learners to expand their mindset—and their skillset.

The world changed. Expectations have changed. We give you the skills you need to communicate with clarity and maximum impact.

Our Founder

Named one of the top female “Winning Women” Entrepreneurs in North America by EY, our founder and CEO, Debra Jasper, has delivered keynotes and talks to more than 250,000 professionals in Fortune 100 firms and organizations from Australia to Dubai.

Innovative Training—Proven Results

Our proprietary approach in attention design, micro storytelling and gamification drives measurable results.

Fortune 100 Clients

Mindset Digital specializes in training highly regulated firms. We've also worked extensively in healthcare, pharma, education and hospitality.

First Social Media Fellowship in the World

Before Mindset Digital, Debra co-launched the world's first social media fellowship for journalists at Ohio State—working with CNN, 60 Minutes, the Washington Post and other top newsrooms.

Clients we've worked with:

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