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Stay close in a world of social distance.

Build a powerful LinkedIn network that keeps you connected to clients and customers.

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Are you struggling to:

  • Get work done remotely?
  • Reach customers, clients and colleagues who are overwhelmed and more remote?
  • Find a solution to drive growth?

It's hard when you can't connect.

In a time of distraction and distress, it's natural to feel uncertain about the future.

Here's how you can power up your network:

Five-Part Coaching Series

Get powerful LinkedIn skills and strategies with engaging on-demand courses.

Video Courses

Go deeper on key concepts with 10 in-depth micro videos to strengthen your skills.

Digital Playbook

Put new skills into practice right away with a step-by-step action guide.

What makes the Power Network Habit different?

Learn fast.

Apply right away.

Develop new habits.

Expand your network, make meaningful connections and engage the right people.

The Power Network Habit

  • On-demand coaching
  • Micro LinkedIn courses
  • Digital playbook

Want us to do the heavy lifting for your profile?

Sign up for a LinkedIn Makeover and you'll get the Power Network Habit courses included as a bonus. You get:

a comprehensive profile audit

1:1 coaching on best practices

30-minute interview so we can write new content and optimize all your profile sections

Then we upload everything for you, so you can be confident you're making the right impression when you start building your network.

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Looking for a session for your entire group?

We offer master classes and group coaching sessions. Get in touch and let's talk about how we can help.

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